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You were b​orn to be brilliant...

When you were born, you knew that you were the most important person in your life.

You knew your were perfect.

You knew you deserved everything good to come to you.

You didn't need to do anything to deserve.

You knew you deserved, just because you existed.

You knew the world was good and would support you in your brilliance.

This is the truth, and you knew the truth unquestionably.

Then, bit by bit, you picked up on the doubts and fears of the outside world and the people around you. You started to believe in the idea of lack. And inadequacy. And fear of bad things happening. And not being good enough to do things that make your heart sing.

You started to believe that you didn't look right; weren't smart enough; or weren't born into the right family.

You may have got the impression that you had to settle for just okay - that exceptional things only happen to "special people".

By then you had pretty much forgotten the truth of your real, brilliant self. You believed in the misunderstandings of the outside world, more than you believed in yourself. You were not supported in knowing your perfection. You were not validated as your authentic, perfect self.

And so, you accepted a life of "less than". 

To avoid disappointment you decided to just be ordinary, and not expect anything more.

But wait!  None of these beliefs are based on truth. They are the illusions of others, who have been influenced by the illusions of others before them.

Believe it or not, the truth still exists within you. You can still choose to know the truth. Just as you did before all the doubts and fears were imposed upon you!

You can choose to connect with the truth of your brilliance at any time!

You are the most important person in your life.

You have always been perfect, even as a work in progress.

You deserve everything good to come to you.

You don't need to do anything to deserve.

You deserve, just because you exist.

The world will support you in your beliefs about yourself.

This is the truth, and you know the truth unquestionably.

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