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Crystal Healing

Crystals can be used to help people achieve and maintain balance in their bodies and energy fields.​

The cells of our bodies contain and emit electromagnetic fields. When the energy in the cells is harmonious, the organs and energies of the body will function well, and a sense of well-being is felt, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Crystals, which have been grown in the earth over millions of years, also contain and emit electromagnetic fields. These fields vary according to the mineral content of each type of crystal or stone, and from whereabouts in the earth it originated.

Since ancient times, healers have utilized crystals and gemstones, to influence the energies of humans, animals, plants, and the energies of their homes; bringing increased balance, harmony and vitality.


By applying appropriate crystal energies, imbalances and deficiencies can be corrected, and health and well-being improved.

During a Crystal Healing, I often place a layout of crystals on the body - allowing the energies of the stones and the body to interact; or I may actively use the crystals to move the energies of the body and aura. Stagnant energies can be cleared, and the energy field can be brought to greater balance.

Usually the healing recipient will feel very peaceful and calm. Often, they will experience a state of heightened awareness, during which they are able to resolve and release emotional problems. This happens gently and powerfully, as any non-beneficial energies are released from the body and energy field.

For me, as your Crystal Therapist, it is a real joy to work with crystals and to interact with their energies for your healing.

Crystals may also be worn as jewelry, or carried in your pocket. This is a beautiful and beneficial way to make use of crystals for your well-being and enjoyment. I am offering a range of crystal jewellery - I invite you to browse my ebay store.

If you would like to experience crystal healing, phone me on

0407 279276 

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