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Reiki could be likened to a gentle river of energy flowing through the body. It helps to relax you, and allow “energy blockages” to be released.


Energy blockages may be emotional, mental or physical, and when they are released, the person’s own energy is able to flow the way nature intended. That is, keeping you healthy, happy and energised.

A Reiki treatment helps balance the circulation and energy flow to the whole body, thus facilitating healing on all levels.

Your body receives energy as it is needed, and therefore, the way it works for you will be the most beneficial way for your individual needs.

Everybody can enjoy the benefits of Reiki, from the tiniest baby, to the most mature adult.

Treatment is given with the recipient fully clothed.

A session may be done with the person sitting in a chair, or in any comfortable position. However, it is usual for the treatment to be given with the recipient lying down.

I'll use a number of hand positions during the session, according to your needs. A full body treatment may be given; or the energy may be concentrated on any particular areas of concern.

Usually people feel very relaxed when receiving a treatment, and find it a pleasant and nurturing experience.

After a treatment, people often report a feeling of balance, calm and of having a more positive outlook.

Many people seek treatment for a specific ailment, and after gaining relief from that ailment, are pleasantly surprised to find that other existing problems have also been relieved. This is because Reiki helps bring the whole system into a more harmonious state.

Often, emotional pain is relieved during a treatment; or the person may gain a clearer perspective on any problems they are experiencing.

You don’t have to be suffering from a particular condition or illness to benefit from a Reiki treatment. In fact, it works wonderfully as personal “maintenance”, helping you to stay healthy and balanced.

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