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I can't thank you enough for today (Reiki I Workshop). It was so magic and special and all the other girls were soo beautiful. Thank you for going to so much effort and giving us an experience that has changed my life for ever. Thank you for saving me. You are so special in every way.

Alana C, Clyde Vic.

I have been going to see Angela for two years now, and she has helped me to deal with some very difficult emotional situations. I love knowing that whenever life gets hard, Angela can help me to get through it. A big thank you!

Jan, Rosebud Vic.

I highly recommend Angela for Bowen Therapy. I suffered for years with neck and jaw pain, and after the first Bowen treatment, I had a lot of relief. After three treatments, I was free from pain. Now I go just every now and then for maintenance and for relaxation. I always go out feeling amazing.

A.E., Narre Warren Vic.

Attending Angela's Reiki I workshop was a turning point in my life. It has helped me to pick myself up from a low spot, and start really getting my life on track. I now have a much more positive outlook. I highly recommend Angela as a Reiki teacher and as a healer. She really knows how to empower people.

L.D., Dandenong Vic.

I can recommend Angela's work for both emotional problems, and for back and sciatica pain. I have had Bowen Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique done, and got great results each time.

Michelle, Portland Vic.

I love Angela's style of massage, which is the most relaxing and enjoyable I've ever had. I am now looking forward to trying Reiki for my next "treat" for myself. Also, Angela is very friendly and I always feel great when I leave there.

Robert D., Melbourne Vic.

After years of struggling with emotional baggage and anxiety, I have had wonderful relief with Angela's work. She is amazing at being able to pinpoint the original cause of problems, and some of them are surprising to say the least. She is very understanding and caring, and knows how to get me to relax (something that I've never been able to do). I highly recommend Angela if you are suffering, or if you need somebody to understand you.

G. Benson, Hallam Vic.

Angela is the best Reiki healer I have found. I have had relief from long-standing problems and I feel so much better. I now keep going back, just because I feel so good after the session. I don't even know how it works, but I love it!

Janelle, Hampton Park Vic.

I wish I had known about Bowen Therapy when my kids were young. I have taken my baby granddaughter to have Bowen Therapy for colic and constipation, and it worked really well. Amelia had great results, starting with a big poo, and a peaceful night's sleep. This was such a relief for the whole family.

Proud Nanna, Seaford Vic.

I really don't know where to start with writing a testimonial, as Angela has helped me in so many ways. I originally went to her for back pain, which she promptly gave me relief from with her magic hands. Then I found out that she does emotional healing work, and I knew that I needed this more than anything. After a few sessions, I was a new woman, with a much more positive outlook on life. I can now see that I hadn't been living my life, but just getting through each day, and always exhausted. I found the emotional healing work to be perfect for me, as you don't have to "talk" about it all. Angela has seemingly magic ways of relieving trapped emotions which were weighing me down. I feel alive now. Also, I want to recommend the remedies which Angela makes up, which work wonders (quickly).

I can't imagine what life would be like now, if I hadn't gone along that first time.

Thank you so much Angela!

V.R., Victoria.

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