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Emotional Healing

The memory of everything we have ever thought, done and experienced is imprinted on the cells of our bodies.

Both positive, and negative emotional imprints are recorded in our cells.

Emotional Healing

As we go through our day-to-day lives, certain “triggering” experiences will bring back a flood of emotion from these stored imprints. That is why we sometimes react with more emotional charge than the situation seems to warrant.

For example, you may have lived with constant criticism as a child. Now, in adult life you might find that any comment which contains even the mildest form of criticism, causes you to feel very hurt and defensive. This is because it “brings back” to you the emotions you felt as a child, and which are now stored in your body.

Any kind of trauma that we have experienced in the past will continue to affect the way we live our lives in the present moment, and can restrict our enjoyment of life.

People who don’t feel that they have been through particularly traumatic experiences, are often unaware that they are nevertheless affected by the general tone of their formative years. This may manifest in adult life as a lack of confidence, motivation or self-esteem.

By releasing these imprints from the cells of your body, you can achieve greater vitality and enjoyment of life, and improved physical health.

I utilize a range of techniques (including E.F.T.) for emotional healing at the cellular level, to help bring you the freedom you deserve.

I work intuitively, to uncover the deep-seated (often hidden) causes of emotional issues, so that they can be released permanently.

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