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Sound Bath with Crystal Singing Bowls

Sunday 27th August

1:30  -  3:30

Angela is planning a magical time for you!

The sound bath will be held at our healing centre in a peaceful, bush setting near Pakenham.


You will be welcomed into a small, friendly group, and we will sit in front of the wood fire whilst setting  intentions for what you would like to release, cultivate or manifest in your life.


This is followed by a deeply relaxing sound bath, during which you will be immersed in the healing energies of crystal singing bowls and other high-frequency instruments. For this, you may choose to make a cosy nest on the floor with pillows and blankets, or there will be reclining chairs for those who are not comfortable on the floor.


You will be guided in a short meditation, which, whilst in the profound relaxed state, is a powerful way to start manifesting whatever you desire to create for yourself.

The sound bath will be completed with a grounding exercise.


You will be treated to some delicious refreshments, and the opportunity to chat with others.


You will leave will a full heart, a full tummy, and a little gift to take home.


You will love this special, healing event!


This event is now fully booked, but you can go on a waiting list and will be notified if there is a cancellation.

Just message Angela on   0407 279 276

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